Friday, November 30, 2007

"North American Munsterlander"

'This is my first LM, Jagermatt's Chinook 'Ike'. He was born and bred in North America. His sire was Nico v. Eichenhof, a German import. I trained and qualifed him with a prize in our first utility test when he was 29 months old. He lived to be 14 years 6 months without illness and passed away in his sleep. He was a fantastic hunting dog! Not only with a great nose, but great ability as to how to use his nose.... Ike is pointing a ruffed grouse in northern Wisconsin on a foggy day among the aspen trees as he did so many times.... At home I still have LM Honi who is 15 years 7 months and LM Brenda who is 12 years 8 months (Brenda is daughter of Bianka from Austria - she is still hunting with me). I'm planning on some new LMs joining me soon.... Cheers Howard' Thank you so much for your contribution Howard. Munsterlander connections - yesterday's daily dog, Bunny is a granddaughter of Bianka who was also owned by Ulrike.