Friday, September 30, 2005

"Handsome Devil"

No.43 Ben
This is Large Munsterlander Community member David Bishop's Rescue dog Ben, posing beautifully in the garden. Showing just what a good looking chap he is.

You can see more of Ben in David's community page on the ichbinandelle website. See links on the right.

"Relaxation Masterclass"

No. 42 Heidi
Large Munsterlander Heidi demonstrates the art of relaxation. What is it with these Munsters and their weird sleeping positions?

If you have a photo of your Munster in an odd position, that you would like to see on Daily Dog, send it in for inclusion.


No. 41 "Fallout"
Large Munsterlander Yvie with a bad case of fallout!
Now that's what I call relaxed!

Yvie is an ex-Rescue pup, adopted by Kate Morris. You can read Yvie's 'Tails' every month in Munster Mag

Thursday, September 29, 2005


No.1 This is Seven, the undisputed leader of our pack of Large Munsterlanders.